Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cincinnati Sanctuary Network: Maribel Trujillo Diaz ... Catholic Social Justice or FALSE Principles.

These Immigration Laws 
were in place long before 
TRUMP got in.

Why didn't Obama fix this during his 8 year reign of terror ?

Leaders from AMOS, Faith in Public Life, and people of faith throughout Ohio are asking for you to do all you can to free Maribel today.

This is the homosexual advocacy page for Faith in Public Life ... click here.
This is Dan Savage the founder of it gets better ... click here.
Dan Savage "Bible Bullshit" ... click here.
Dan Savage attacks the Pope ... click here.

Please read below, 
after you watch the videos,
and note:
This process is being politicized.

Amos Website

NPB Church is where Black Lives Matter Meets.

Amos walked in the "pink pussy hat" march for women's abortion rights with

We helped Black Lives Matter move on from their meeting space at St. Francis Seraph.

Who is Pico ?
If you happen to be in a congregation that‘s part of an Alinskyian community organization – 
an increasingly common phenomena under the Obama administration (coincidence? I don‘t think so) – there will be ―house meetings. The organizer running the show will [ask] attendees what concerns they have for their neighborhood. They‘re looking for specific answers: unemployment, lack of adequate healthcare insurance, school issues…something like that. Click Here... 

They are the well-funded Chicago-style “community organizing” group PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing), which campaigns for, among other things, causes such as “Women’s Theology of Liberation” and other radical feminist or “womanist” theology movements, and also the left-leaning media advocacy group Faith in Public Life (FPL), which lobbies against the Church on abortion, homosexuality, and marriage, including active abortion promotion at the UN.
The two groups, which both profess to be faith-based yet took money from Soros, an atheist, were charged with forming “partnerships with the AFL, SEIU, and 11 faith groups during the September events in order to mobilize 10,000 people to public action and train 3,500 others as messengers of Pope Francis’ economic and racial justice agenda.”
I don't understand why some Catholics think breaking the law, 
with regard to immigration, 
is ok.

"I don't care if they told me Jesus was the President, it's wrong." ?

By the way
is located on the Gay Chamber for
"A listing of available services which are open and affirming to the LGBTQ community."

Remember this group wants to take in illegal immigrants.

Take note Fr. Rob Muhlenkamp.
You are now swimming with the sharks.

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