Monday, April 17, 2017

Cup O' Joe - "Boys 'Round Here"...

 ... Chew Tobacco Spit

Tobacco Growing and Harvesting Information - New Hope Seed ... › Tobacco Growing Info

Tobacco Growing. Tobacco is a relatively easy plant to grow and can be grown as far north as Canada and Alaska with the proper planning and preparation. ... Tobacco seed require warm temperatures for germination of about 75-80 degrees. Seed should be started indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost date.

HOW TO GROW TOBACCOGrowing your own tobacco is so easy and not dissimilar to growing tomatoes. Place commercial seedling compost into a tray and soak the soil with water and allow the excess water to drain off. Sprinkle the tobacco seeds onto the surface of the damp soil. Do not cover the seeds, as they need light for germination. Tobacco seeds are very tiny, so be careful to spread the seeds as evenly as possible. Keep the soil damp being careful not to wash the seeds around when you water; better still water from below or use a mist sprayer.

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