Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stream Libs at Her Graduation From High School.


The Commencement Ceremony at Cintas will be streamed live.

Here is the link for the streaming:

Please share with your family who is unable to attend.

Commencement Pictures

Formal and informal pictures will be taken at Commencement.

You can view and order these pictures online at approximately 2 days after the event.

Please remember that gowns will be collected immediately following the ceremony so get your pictures before it starts.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

No Love Today ...

Re-posted from August 19, 2013

The Coors Family Farm
5967 Bridgetown Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248

4 Years ago she was just starting High School.
She's graduating Sunday with a scholarship to
St. Thomas More College !!!
We Are Proud of Her.

...I got ba-na-na, watermelon, peaches by the pound,

Sweet corn, mirleton, mo' better than in town,

I got okra, enough to choke ya,

Beans of every kind,

If hungry is what's eatin' you

I'll sell you peace of mind,

But this ain't what you came to hear me say,
And I hate to disappoint you...

In the end no one will sell you what you need,
You can't buy it off the shelf,

Friday, May 12, 2017

Partial Puffage ... ?

... Pita Dough

Belgian School Ditches Mother’s Day In The Name Of Diversity

Via HLN (Google translation):
Sunday is Mother’s Day. But not in the French school ‘Sing Line’ in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. The management sent parents an email yesterday with the message that the children will not make gifts for Mother’s Day “out of respect for the many different cultures that our school has to offer. A diversity that we are extremely proud,” said the message.
Fathers should not hope for a gift, it reads in the mail from the school in the Brussels borough. “Because there are different cultures in our school are represented. And not all celebrate,” says director Dominique Paquot. “We played some time with that idea. Even as more and more children have divorced parents. Some have two mothers or two fathers, others, do not have mom or dad more,” the director adds. “That many children saddled with a lot of stress.”
The reasoning of the board can not rely on all parents to understand. “This is a tradition that has nothing to do with religion,” it sounds a mother. Or even: “What could be better than a product to be spoiled with a gift that your child at school has pieced together That’s all cultures?” Said an angry father on Facebook.

Friday, May 5, 2017

The House Votes to Repeal Obamacare !!!

Updated on May 4 at 3:47 p.m. ET

For House Republicans, the burden of an unfulfilled campaign promise had simply become too much to bear alone.

And so on Thursday, after an embarrassing early failure and weeks of fits and starts, a narrow GOP majority passed legislation to partially repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that even many of its supporters conceded was deeply flawed. The party-line vote was 217-213, with 20 Republicans voting against. The bill now goes to the Senate, where its fate is uncertain at best.

The American Health Care Act scraps the Obamacare mandates that people buy health insurance and that employers provide it, eliminates most of its tax increases, cuts nearly $900 billion from Medicaid while curtailing the program’s expansion, and allows states to seek a waiver exempting them from the current law’s crucial prohibition against insurers charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions. Conservatives complained that the bill did not fully repeal the 2010 law, while moderates blanched at its cuts to Medicaid and its weakening of its most popular consumer protections.

U.S. House votes to defund Planned Parenthood for one year !!!

In a major victory Thursday, the U.S. House voted to strip Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funds for one year. The year will begin immediately on the day President Trump signs the bill, if the Senate also passes it.
Since the defunding is coming through a reconciliation bill, 51 votes will be needed for passage in the Senate. The defunding will redirect approximately 80 percent of the abortion chain’s taxpayer funding and send it to the comprehensive health care centers around the nation that outnumber Planned Parenthood by the thousands.
Currently, Planned Parenthood receives roughly $553 million in government funding annually, and the omnibus budget bill would have continued this. However, the reconciliation bill passed today would reverse the huge majority of the abortion chain’s funding for one year. Out of Planned Parenthood’s $553 million taxpayer dollars, roughly $450 million comes from Medicaid, 90 percent of which comes from the federal government. Thus, the cut in the reconciliation bill amounts to approximately 80 percent of Planned Parenthood’s total government funding.
States will still be allowed to handle their own Medicaid dollars, just as they do with funds governed by the Hyde amendment. Under Hyde, federal Medicaid dollars are directed to not pay for most abortions, but some states still pay for abortions with their state programs and state tax dollars. Battles to defund Planned Parenthood at the state levels are still necessary.
In 130 pages, the reconciliation bill also repeals and replaces portions of ObamaCare, and this is what the Senate debate is predicted to center on in the coming days.

President Trump Signs Order on Religious Liberty !!!

Father Frank Pavone was live.
3 hrs
Victory for Religious Freedom !!!

Magic Tree House Books : Read to Me Dad ...................... "Ghost Town at Sundown"

Magic Tree House Read-Along
Click Here

Read to Me Dad Main Page

Once you press the play button,
Click the bottom right box to enlarge the picture and type size.
Also, you can click the gear icon and adjust the quality.

soft schools (plus the Title you are reading) will get a 10 question quiz.
     example: Type, soft schools ghost town at sundown, in your url box.
You might also type just the title and find other quizzes.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pro-Gay Issue Congresswoman Speaks at Catholic Cincinnati Church ... Who is Brigid Kelly ?

Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center 
is a Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati 
Funded Organization

Why do you think they Ally themselves with organizations
that are out to undermine the Catholic Church ?


Catholic Church under attack again.
The event below.

... Catholic, Brigid Kelly is "so proud and so excited" with regard to the broad coalition her campaign built in the 2016 election campaign:

-Equality Cincinnati/Homosexuality advocate 
You will have to listen to the podcast below to hear Brigid claim her endorsements.
- and Oh, by the way Brigid Kelly, who will be speaking at the "Gay Friendly" Catholic
St. Monica St. George Parish in Cincinnati, Ohio, TODAY 
was also endorsed by Planned Parenthood. 

Please read below.

Reporting about what some Liberal-Progressive-Democrats 
are up to in our Diocese 
does not make us happy. 
We are reporting this finding to 
His Excellency: Bishop Binzer and Archbishop Schnurr.

Some may say we are all wet and may think we are 
more or less Radical Conservatives.
Below you will also notice that another group participating
is called the Woman's City Club.
Please note this verbiage is from their site:
In the spring or summer, we hold a public rally or demonstration in support of women’s physical and financial health and family planning. We have joined with Women Helping Women, the Rape Crisis Center, 
Planned Parenthood and other agencies to support the services these agencies offer women.

Woman's City Club also endorsed this pro-choice rally.

Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center 
is a Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati 
Funded Organization

Why do you think they Ally themselves with organizations
that are out to undermine the Catholic Church ?

Election: November 8, 2016

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio (PPAO) recently launched its candidate endorsement process for the November 2016 election. Our goal is to showcase those candidates who enthusiastically support women’s reproductive rights and access to healthcare, no matter what. Join Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio in getting out the vote and supporting the candidates that support women’s reproductive rights. Be an active part of the solution and get involved today. More endorsements will be announced in September.

Brigid Kelly

House District 31

Age: 32
Residence: Norwood
Education: Catholic St. Ursula Academy, undergraduate degree from Catholic Xavier University and Master of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Click Here


Brigid Kelly was endorsed by Ohio Sierra Club


Brigid Kelly was endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio


Brigid Kelly was endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio


Brigid Kelly was endorsed by Ohio AFL-CIO


Brigid Kelly for State Representative Campaign Kickoff - Facebook

Brigid Kelly for State Representative Campaign Kickoff ... Hosted by Brigid Kelly ... Pete McLinden, Katie and Mike Moroski, Steve Newsome, Wendell Young, ...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday Night Movie: The Emperor's New Clothes

Another great Family Movie
Jan 1, 2017

This is the "Left"

Thousands gathered in Golden Gate Park to celebrate on April 20 and left behind 11 tons of trash.
The date of April 20, or 4/20, corresponds with the numerical figure widely recognized within the cannabis subculture as a symbol for all things marijuana. 

Educate your kids.

Kids are very perceptive. 

Enjoy the movie.


Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt

NOAA Whistleblower Confirms Global Warming Is A Scam

This is the "Left"

Women's march protesters leave their signs at Trump's DC hotel

This is the "Left"

"Native Americans Fed up With White Hippies"...Click Here