Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chicago. He made the 60-mile trip in 45 minutes.

Blast from the past.

286. Reagan's home could become a parking lot for Obama's library

244. Gun Control? They can't even fix their OWN city!

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, stark naked, approaches you in the locker room to give you a piece of his mind for not supporting the president's budget. 
Only this actually happened, according to Rep. Eric Massa, the embattled New York Democrat who resigned Monday and used his last hours in office to settle some scores with party leaders. 
He reserved his most excoriating stuff for Emanuel, whom he called "son of the devil's spawn" on his weekly radio show Sunday. ReadFurther:

Emerson Hart was in Michigan City, Ind., when he was told only that his 13-year-old daughter, Dakayla, was hurt and in the hospital.
He didn't know she and another girl, 7, had been shot while at an elementary school picnic on the South Side on Friday afternoon, she in the hand and the younger girl in the thigh.
All he knew was that he had to get back to Chicago. He made the 60-mile trip in 45 minutes.
"It's a father's worst nightmare," he said at Comer Children's Hospital, where his daughter was taken in serious condition.  

When he finally saw Dakayla, he hugged her tight. "We didn't stand a chance," she told him.
Dakayla and other children had been celebrating the end of the school year at Warren Elementary School in the Pill Hill neighborhood with water balloon fights, hot dogs, barbecue and volleyball.
Some of the children saw a black car circling the school before a dozen shots were fired shortly after 1:30 p.m. Children screamed and scattered as teachers raced to protect their students at the school at 9239 S. Jeffery Ave.
Dakayla and the 7-year-old were both taken in serious condition to Comer Children's Hospital, according to Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.
The abandoned playground was strewn with jump ropes and jackets — and a football with a bullet in it.
Police said the shooting occurred shortly after three suspended students tried to attend the picnic but were removed from school grounds by security. They were hanging out at a corner nearby when someone in the black car opened fire, police said.
The suspended students ran back into the picnic, drawing fire that hit the girls, according to police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.
Three "persons of interest" were taken into custody after they were stopped in a car linked to the shooting, Johnson said. It was believed to be stolen.
"It's just ridiculous," Johnson told reporters at the scene. "It angers me that these little children cannot grow up and not think that gunfire is the norm. ... It's not okay."
Daytonna Hart, Dakayla's sister, was at a gas station when her 15-year-old brother called with the news.
The 18-year-old rushed to Comer. "It was a relief to see her alive," she said.

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