Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fishing Friday, Pine Island Florida ................. Drudging ........... 30 Republican Congressmen Attacked, Threatened ...

Awesome video! My brother and I will be kayak fishing in that area soon, and I was wondering if you could give us some information on what bait you were using, and some techniques. Thanks!
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After his morning routine, Thomas Jefferson settled into a lengthy period of letter-writing: "From sun-rise to one or two o'clock," he noted, "I am drudging at the writing table." Jefferson wrote almost 20,000 letters in his lifetime, among them, scholarly musings to colleagues, affectionate notes to his family, and civil responses to admirers. He wrote John Adams that he suffered "under the persecution of letters," calculating that he received 1,267 letters in the year 1820, "many of them requiring answers of elaborate research, and all to be answered with due attention and consideration."

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